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Found a pet?

Found a pet?

If you've found a stray pet there are a few things you need to know about your legal obligations. We recommend you take the following steps for dogs and cats...

If you've found a dog:

  • Check if the dog has a coller and identification tag, if it does try contacting the owner.
  • If the dog does not have an identification tag you must contact the local authority dog warden immediately and arrange for them to collect the dog.
  • Please note: Rescue centres are unable to take in stray dogs from members of the public. 

It is a legal requirement that you contact the local authorities and advise them if you find a stray dog. This ensures that the dog can be thoroughly scanned to check if a microchip is present and gives worried owners the best possible chance of being reunited with their pet. 

If you've found a cat:

  • Ask your neigbours whether there is a cat missing; often cats believed to be strays do, in fact, belong to someone local.

  • Call your local Cats Protection or RSPCA to report the cat and make a request for someone to come and collect it, they may ask you to feed the cat until someone can come out to you (especially in the summer). During the winter, they will ask whether there is somewhere dry for the cat to go and food for him to eat, until they can get to you.

  • If the cat is injured they will ask you to take it to the nearest vet. Once the cat is stable and the vet confirms that it has no owner, they may contact Cats Protection or the RSPCA to request it be taken into their care.